Is Culinary Majors Right for you?

Once you get a taste of cooking school, you may wish to receive a culinary major. There are a few majors that might interest you such as baking and pastry arts, professional cooking or culinary arts.

In order to obtain an associate’s degree you must be able to have a hands on experience of such tasks as food inventory, cost control, Western, European and international cuisine, basic kitchen management, knowledge of kitchen stations, menu development along with major hygiene and sanitation.

• Once you have completed the course you should be an expert in creating all meals, in a proper and sanity way.

• Be able to use baking procedures to create sweets and pastries of all kinds

• Be able to manage kitchen staff with respect

• Choose and select all poultry, seafood, and meats as well as choosing the best accompaniments for each dish that will enhance the various cultures

• Have the knowledge to use and clean all commercial tools

• Have knowledge of the procedures of safety and sanitation and be able to use them successfully in all food preparation

• Know the skills necessary for preparing cold food items along with buffet items.

• Understand the principles of preparing pastry and baked items

• Have the knowledge to perform high quality customer service

• Create items to be presented in buffet style such as ice carvings

• Accept the responsibility of moving up from employee to supervisor

• Be able to plan and layout menus for several different types of restaurants

• Understand and abide by all the laws and regulations that pertain to sanitation and safety in a commercial kitchen

culinary_majorReceiving a culinary major will not only include learning how to prepare meals but can include courses for majors in culinary arts management, food and beverage management, and restaurant and hotel management.