I order my tools at Schuchardt


Whilst this post might be focused on tools, they can be highly useful in the kitchen. Thus, meaning they may play I vital role even in the kitchen. When I order tools, I normally order them from Schuchardt. This Swedish based company, whom also is active on the Norwegian market, has a huge and incredible inventory of products. In their impeccable inventory they hold products from many of the world’s top suppliers such as Optimum, Kyocera and Sunnex. On top of their big inventory, Schuchardt has incredible prices and that’s also one of the reasons I order my tools from their website. Schuchardt also has fast delivery and very good customer service. I remember one specific situation when I had trouble deciding which tool was best for a renovating my kitchen floor. Schuchardt customer service representatives helped me in a very efficient way where they gave me tips which helped me decide which tools to choose. I know that some online vendors don’t really prioritize customer service but at Schuchardt this is definitely a priority.

Some of you might wonder why I am writing about tools, but the truth is that tools serve many purposes, even in the kitchen. Schuchardt may not be a supplier of kitchen appliances but the tools they sell can be used in the kitchen or for improving the kitchen. As discussed above I renovated my kitchen and obviously tools are needed for a renovation. The improvement after the renovation was staggering which helped me create new and improved dishes. So, in other words, the tools I bought meant that better dishes could be created.  Moreover, ordering tools from Schuchardt is something I believe is quite fun since besides my passion for cooking, I enjoy tools.

Hope you find this post intriguing and interesting. Have a great week!