chefWhen you decide to become a chef, you have many choices as the type of chef you would enjoy as a career.




The types of chef’s include:

• Sauceier or sauce chef

• Poissonnier

• Rotisseur or roast chef

• Grillardin or grill chef

• Friturier or fry cook

• Potager

• Legumier

• Tourant or a chef that is known as an all purpose chef

• Garde manger or pantry

• Boucher

• Patissier or pastry chef

If this is your first time considering going to school to become a chef, some of the types of chef’s may sound like strange unknown terms.

Brief definition of the types of chef’s

The Sauceier is mainly in charge of creating sauces and gravies that will be served with other dishes. However, they also create stews, soups, and sauté foods.

The Poissonnier is the chef that prepares fish dishes

The Rotisseur creates braised or roasted meats from lambs to veal to steaks

The Grillardin is in charge of any grilled foods whether vegetables or meats

The friturier is also known as the fry cook and is responsible for all types of fried foods

The Potager and the Legumier chef’s are found in the entremetier station. The Legumier chef is in charge of making vegetable dishes and the Potager chef creates soups

The Tournant chef must have the knowledge of creating a variety of different dishes and can work at any station as needed

The Garde Manger is the chef in charge of creating cold dishes such as cheese spreads and salads

The Boucher is also known as the butcher and works with all kinds of meat dishes

The Patissier is in charge of baked goods from breads to cakes and pies.