Smart use of medical instruments in the kitchen

Keep food safe

There are so many food containers of different sorts on the market. It can be confusing. Very often it is is hard to even tell the difference. At some stores you can buy a 1L plastic container for 1 euro, and in another store you can find a very similar container for 20 Euro. How do I know the difference in quality? Why is the price so very low for some containers and very high for others?

Well, now it is time we tell you all we know about the companies that manufactures all the best products for keeping food safe and fresh. But here at the house we use nothing from regular companies like that. We use medical instruments to keep our food safe. Weird? Let us explain. Most containers are made from plastic. Plastic can be a complicated material. It can emit deleterious substances like Bisfhenol A.

No Bisfhenlol A

Bisphenol A (BPA) is mainly used to manufacture polycarbonate and epoxy plastics. Polycarbonate plastic is used in CDs and DVDs and dental filler materials. It is also also used in plastic bottles and food boxes. Bisphenol A is a substance that is suspected to be hormone affecting. The substance is found in almost all urine and blood samples from humans. This occurs mainly through food and drink that has been in contact with polycarbonate plastic or epoxy because residues of bisphenol A may leak from the materials.

So we can not be sure if all the companies that provide plastic containers for food uses plastic with Bisfhenol A. But we can be sure that companies that provides medical instruments have no Bisfhenol A in the plastic. Bisphenol A is prohibited in bottles throughout the EU. From January 2020, the subject will also be prohibited in thermo paper used in receipts and tickets. Sweden has its own ban on Bisphenol A in food packaging for children. Since January 2017, bisphenol A is included on the EU candidate list of particularly hazardous substances. 

Companies like Wing Plast from Sweden have no Bisfenol A in their plastic and they have high safety standards. The plastic they use for medical instruments must be safe and non toxic. So we use plastic bottles from Wing plast for soups, pasta and grains. The bottles come both in plastic and glass and are in the sizes:

  • 50 ml
  • 100 ml
  • 130 ml
  • 250 ml

So if you need small food boxes we recommend to check for the bottles made for medical reasons. If it is safe for the baby, it is safe for all!